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Template: Writing a “How To” Blog Post

Your intro paragraph goes here. For a How To post, use this section to tell your reader exactly what they will learn in this post, e.g., how to write a blog post.

Now Add a Subtitle

Subtitles pop out to your readers and keep them scrolling down the page. Use your subtitle to keep readers with you.

Add the main section of your post here. Include practical, actionable advice or share the step-by-step method on how to get something done.

Break the process down into short, clear steps. E.g., here’s a look at how to write a blog post. Tackle these 5 steps and you’ll be live in no time!

  1. The first step of a how to post should tie into your intro. Make it compelling to keep readers with you.

  2. Your middle steps should include the key steps to take in order to learn how to get something done. You can add as many bullet points as you want here.

  3. You made it! Now wrap it up with the final step of your how-to process.

Close the Post with an Action

End with a quick summary of what your readers just learned. Then invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, follow you on social media or head to your online store.



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